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There is no shortage of dentists in Lower Bucks County. It seems that every street corner has a bank, a church and a dentist. Many of the dental offices are big-chain affairs with big signs and alluring names. What makes Makefield Dental different? Why should you come here, of all places?

Makefield Dental started more than 30 years ago with the simple goal of treating people as patients, not teeth. Everything we do is geared towards people. We respect their time; we respect their financial concerns. We understand that dentistry can be very stressful, and people have questions or concerns. At Makefield Dental, we have taken all of these things into consideration in order to make each patient visit short, smooth, low stress and – dare we say it – enjoyable.

A Question of Value, An Answer to Cost

Dental costs can be a tremendous barrier to optimal oral health. Makefield Dental’s approach to patient care makes their services a great value. The least expensive service is one that is done correctly the first time; nothing costs more than paying for the same thing twice. We use the highest quality materials and Dr. Sibner does all the dental work – you don’t get shoved to a first-year dentist or a guy who’s been to 3 offices in 4 years. If Dr. Sibner feels something could be done better, it gets redone before you leave the office. That means our work lasts longer with less problems, like sensitivity or re-decay.

Nearly half our patients don’t have dental insurance. The cost of insurance is so high that many companies have dropped employee dental benefits. To help with that, we offer the best in-office insurance program in Bucks County. It’s not just a free cleaning or two and 10% off anything else. Our program fees are guaranteed to be 15% to 30% off our regular fees. The highest discounts are on repetitive services, like exams, x-rays and cleanings. This is one of the keys to our value – by making routine care affordable, we can correct problems before they grow large and expensive.

If we don’t participate in your insurance plan, it’s usually because we cannot provide our level of service at your plan’s reimbursement rates. The good news is, you can combine our in-office program’s discounts with your insurance plan to reduce your co-pay – our effort to meet you half way and allow you the option of choosing the best dental care, regardless of insurance plan.

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Why Our Patients Love Us

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Bucks County’s Best In-Office Insurance Program

Where most programs offer two free exams and cleanings plus X-rays a year and then discount their other services by 10%, Makefield Dental offers a sliding scale of discounts from 15% to 33%.

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Everything We Do Starts with People

We started more than 30 years ago with the simple goal of treating people as patients, not teeth. Everything we do is geared towards people. We respect their time. We respect their financial concerns. We listen.

dentist fairless hills pa 19030

Advanced Care for Patients with Diabetes

For diabetic patients, having the right dental care is especially important. We understand your unique dental needs and our goal is to take care of not just your teeth, but of your overall health.

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Convenient Morning and Evening Hours

We understand everyone has a different schedule. That is why we offer a range of office hours, including mornings, lunch hours and evenings to fit your needs. Your time is valuable and we respect your time.

Most Insurances Accepted!

We Offer Bucks County’s Best In-Office Insurance Program!

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