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When Dr. Sibner did a presentation on the single-tooth dental restoration at Temple Dental School a few years ago, he chose dental veneers on two front teeth as one of his examples. These restorations are particularly difficult because of their prominent position in the mouth and the way the restorations show in various lighting conditions. To make veneers work, you need to know about more than contour and design, you need to know about materials, cements and texture. Are they natural teeth or veneers? Only your dentist should know for sure.

How Veneers Can Give You the Smile You’ve Always Wanted

When you are watching your favorite movie or TV show, chances are you have once or twice thought about how Hollywood stars look so perfect, and wondered how they manage to look so flawless. However, there are many secrets behind making these stars look how they are, including dental care. Seeing a veneers dentist may be the secret for some of these stars look so attractive, and the good news is that you can also achieve these results for yourself.

Many people are usually more than willing to divulge in many of their beauty tips and tricks, yet this dental procedure is one that, for some reason, is not talked about quite as much. However, many people use veneers for their teeth because simple whitening treatments are not enough. Here are some facts about this type of procedure.

  • Veneers are a thin layer of porcelain that go over the natural tooth to make it look flawless.
  • They generally look natural, giving the impression of a naturally perfect smile.
  • They are most commonly used to hide a gap in the teeth, lengthen short teeth, or make a crooked smile look straighter, however they can also be used to make teeth whiter.

Seeing a veneers dentist isn’t only something reserved for the stars. You can get these procedures done, as well, at your local Fairless Hills dentists that specializes in dental veneers. However, there are some things that you may want to know before you begin, such as how the procedure is done.

  • First, the dentist will drill on the surface of the tooth. This is to help smooth it down so that the adhesive can be more easily stuck on. It may also be used to help match the color and shape of the implant to the teeth so that it blends in better.
  • Once the tooth is drilled, the porcelain cap is then placed on the front of the teeth and bonded.
  • Expect for this process to take about two weeks to complete. A lot of times, time is needed to make the veneers correctly so that they fit in your mouth.

If you have problems with your smile or you want to look more like the people in the movies, seeing a cosmetic dentist may just be the ticket for you. Don’t hesitate to get that Hollywood smile today!

Your Local Fairless Hills Dentist serving Langhorne, Newtown, Levittown & Surrounding Neighborhoods

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