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At Makefield Dental Associates, Dr. Jeffrey Sibner, believes in treating people, not teeth. This often means looking beyond “fillings and cleanings” and customizing treatment to meet each individual’s expectations, age and finances. To achieve this goal, our Fairless Hills general dentist offers a wide variety of services to our patients. These services can include:

Restorative Dentistry

Over the course of a lifetime, only a few of us avoid some kind of restorative dental care. Cavities or chipped teeth happen even to the best of us. Sometimes these problems are routine, involving only one tooth or one area. In some cases, problems can involve the entire mouth and the causes can be quite complex – medications, loss of dexterity, habits or accidents. Whether your needs are simple or complex, Makefield Dental can usually provide a solution that will be stable, affordable and cosmetically acceptable. Here are some examples of common restorations:

Fillings are used to replace decayed areas in otherwise healthy teeth. Makefield Dental uses three different types of composite resin to insure your fillings are aesthetic, strong and durable.

Crowns provide strength when a tooth is damaged or decayed to a point where a filling would be inadequate. Crowns surround a tooth, so when you bite down, it pulls the tooth together, making it a stronger restoration than a filling. Fillings tend to act like a wedge, pushing the sides of a tooth away when you chew and this can cause teeth to break unexpectedly. We use three different ceramic materials for crowns, based on aesthetic and strength requirements.

Single-tooth Implants has become the standard of care for replacing missing teeth. Implants are the longest lasting restoration dentists can place and are always the most cost-effective in the long run.

Bridges are used to replace one or two missing teeth when implants cannot be placed or when cost and other factors dictate. Bridges always involve the teeth adjacent to the missing teeth to be replaced, so the best time to consider bridgework is where these teeth need crowns.

Cosmetic Dentistry

While everything Dr. Sibner does at Makefield Dental is cosmetic because his restorations can’t be distinguished from natural teeth, the field of cosmetic dentistry is focused on improving our patient’s smiles. Cosmetic Dentistry includes:

Tooth Whitening. With two patents in tooth whitening, Dr. Sibner provides world-class options for most situations that don’t involve repositioning teeth. Makefield Dental offers a menu of options that include At-home whitening, LaserBrite® Dental Bleaching, and Ultimate White® Dental Bleaching. One of these options will fit your preferences, goals, and budget.

Veneers are made of ceramics that can be as thin as a contact lens. Veneers are used to change the position, shape, and color of teeth. Dr. Sibner refers to veneers as “instant orthodontics” because he can straighten mild to moderately crooked teeth in 2-3 weeks instead of 1-2 years. Depending on the situation and patient goals, veneers can be done with minimal or no tooth preparation.

Periodontal Treatment 

60 years ago, gum disease called “pyorrhea.” Getting old was called growing “long in the tooth” because as people aged, they lost bone to pyorrhea and had the roots of their teeth show, making them look longer. Today, we know that periodontal disease is caused by a variety of bacteria and the body’s response to their toxins.

Periodontal disease is a chronic, progressive disease of the hard and soft tissues surrounding the teeth. It is important to recognize that gum disease is not like the measles or the mumps. Once you’ve developed the disease, the best you can do is keep it in remission. It is never “cured.”

Patients at Makefield Dental Associates are fortunate to have Dr. Sibner oversee the prevention, treatment, and care of their periodontal problems. He is a national authority on periodontal disease and its interaction with diabetes, another chronic progressive disease.

Tartar forms when plaque and minerals from your saliva harden on the tooth surface. Tartar is porous, and those pores often incorporate the bacteria responsible for periodontal disease. In order to halt the progression of gum disease, Dr. Sibner must remove the tartar, especially where it is most detrimental, below the gums. There are three key components to keeping periodontal disease controlled and in remission:

Scaling and Root Planing is the procedure Dr. Sibner uses to get tartar or “calculus” off of the teeth. This is similar to a regular cleaning, but takes longer and must be done with more precision because the emphasis is tartar removal below the gums.

Antibiotics are used to fight any bacterial disease, and often antibiotics are necessary to combat periodontal disease. Dr. Sibner uses localized antibiotic treatment where the infection involves just a few areas and oral antibiotics when the periodontal infection is more generalized.

Oral Hygiene Instruction
is the real secret to Makefield Dental’s highly successful non-surgical approach to treating periodontal disease. It’s not enough for someone to tell you how to floss. We show our patients how to use their tools and give them feedback so they know how to use them effectively.

Family Dentistry

As we age, we require different levels of care, not just for our mouths but for our entire body. Children need different care than adults and as we enter our 60s and beyond, we often require a higher level of care than in our prime. Because Makefield Dental is not a large, busy clinic with the goal of seeing as many patients as possible in an hour’s time, we provide a more relaxed, slower-paced, more individual level of care suited equally well to all our patients, from the apprehensive child to the older patient struggling with advanced dental problems. To us, “Family Dentistry” means that all of our patients feel comfortable and are treated with the highest level of care, regardless of age.

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For more information or to get started with a local leader in the dental field, Dr. Jeffrey Sibner, call us today at (215) 945-8222 for all your oral care needs.

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