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Our Patented Teeth Whitening Can Give You Confidence in Your Smile

You might think that in an office where the dentist owns two patents on a whitening technique, every patient would be guided to whitening their teeth with that technique.  But our philosophy has always to adapt procedures to our  patients’ requirements.  That’s why we offer a menu of three different whitening systems and a total of 5 whitening options.  Want your teeth whiter? We have an option that will fit your goals and budget.

Why Teeth Lose Their Shine Over Time

One of the first things we all notice when meeting someone new is their teeth. Movie stars know this too, and we can see that in their gleaming smiles. Getting a Hollywood smile might seem expensive, but the secret is out that it’s not. Want to know the inside scoop on how teeth whitening can transform your smile? Then here is our step by step guide…

The reason our teeth lose their sparkle is down to two types of stains:

  1. Extrinsic staining
  2. Intrinsic staining

Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a dentist to understand what the above two items are. Simply put, extrinsic staining is when items such as our morning coffee discolor our teeth. Think of them as external items that leave a stain. Other items which do the same are:

  • Soda
  • Tobacco
  • Red wine

Intrinsic staining is an internal process due to tooth decay and the age of a tooth. We might also mention two other commonly known villains which are calculus and tartar. Essentially, this is plaque which has become a hard deposit and forms a stain. So how best to remove these annoying stains and make our teeth whiter?

Well, there are two options. You can buy a home tooth whitening application, or you can see our teeth whitening dentist, Dr. Sibner. If you want to take the home option then there are whitening toothpastes but they have been found to be ineffective. It is also widely known that they may cause long term damage. They do this by thinning the enamel on teeth and making them more sensitive. There are also home bleaching kits. However, these are also known to often have negative results on tooth enamel.

Be careful of people advertising teeth whitening who have not been professionally trained. It is an issue which is widely reported, and may make you consider it best to make that trip to a professional teeth whitening dentist like Dr Sibner at Makefield Dental Associates.

A general dentist will be able to address issues with calculus and tartar. These issues are very difficult to remove without the help of a professional. Once your teeth are properly cleaned and you have a good oral health record, your Fairless Hills teeth whitening dentist can begin the process of whitening your teeth. Recent advances in dental technology also mean a dentist can whiten your teeth faster than before.

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