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Since their introduction in the 1980’s, dental implants have become the standard in tooth replacement.  Dr. Sibner started working with implants in 1985 when he took the 3-day Branemark course in implant restoration technique.  He has been a leader in implant restorative systems since.

The most important single aspect of successful implant restoration, especially in larger cases, isn’t the skill of the general dentist, it’s the willingness of the dentist to work with implant surgeons to plan the case from start to finish. Dr. Sibner works with several of the top area periodontists to insure cases – even complicated ones – proceed routinely.  Many of these specialists are tops in their field, with teaching positions, peer-reviewed articles and international lecturing schedules to their credit.

What You Need to Know About Implants

If you have missing or broken teeth, you may have already gone to see a dental implant dentist to talk about getting replacement teeth put in. Dr. Sibner is able to help provide you with more information about this procedure, however it is important to look at the facts on your own, as well. Here are some interesting facts you may want to know about implant restoration.

  • There are a lot of options out there to replace missing teeth. However, this method is the best for making the artificial teeth look, feel, and act like real ones. There are many other benefits to using this method over others, as well.
  • The new teeth that a dental implants dentist will use today are usually made of titanium, and it replaces even the root of the old tooth. This is a sturdy foundation and can be used to replace many teeth or provide crowns.
  • New teeth cannot get cavities, as they do not decay. However, if you still have some real teeth, you still have to care for them as you usually would. You will also still want to provide care for your gums, so don’t forget about flossing and mouthwash.
  • There is a team of dentists that are specifically skilled in placing implants. There was a group formed in 1951 called AAID, of the American Academy of Implant Dentistry. When you are considering getting implants, Dr. Sibner will guide you to the best decision to make sure that you are receiving the best care from an implant surgeon that not only has the experience, but puts the patient’s needs first.

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If you are suffering from lost or broken teeth, it may be time to make a change. You can visit Dr. Sibner, our dental implant dentist if you want to get your options or if you are ready to proceed.  For more information or to get started with dental implants, call us today at (215) 945-8222 for all your oral care needs.

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