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When Dr. Sibner taught dentures at Penn’s School of Dental Medicine, he used a 5-visit protocol to insure fit, comfort and aesthetics.  Dental insurance plans, with their deep discounts on denture services, provide a powerful incentive for dentists to cut corners on dentures leading to fewer visits, cheaper materials and foreign labs.  Rest assured, at Makefield Dental, Dr. Sibner is still using that same classic 5-visit protocol he taught at Penn as the top dentist for denture patients in Fairless Hills.

Denture Technology

The most common treatment for tooth loss in adults is a prosthetic replacement, sometimes made of porcelain or gold. For many centuries humans have used these devices to maintain a healthy, functional jaw. This treatment can improve quality of life drastically for many people, including seniors with gum recession, or perhaps an athlete with missing teeth. Now more than ever before dentures provide a solution that is extremely functional and natural-looking. Here are a four developments in modern technology that are helping dentures dentists to create the bright smiles of tomorrow:

  1. 3-Dimensional Impressions
    Holographic scanning devices now make it possible to create a digital 3-dimensional map of the patient’s mouth, giving restorative dentists added physical insight and allowing them to perfectly match denture shape to the existing bone structure. Improvements in this area create a much more comfortable dental experience with an optimized fit, decreasing the chance of painful sore spots. Furthermore, the scans produced can be used for future comparison and further insight.
  2. Retained Structure
    In the past, prosthetic dental implants were a highly uncomfortable affair. To keep the dentures in a place an adhesive cream was used, causing teeth to quickly become displaced, jiggling and sloshing around to no end. Nowadays a prosthetic implant is fitted to the arch of the patient’s jaw with an acrylic base, resulting in a permanent solution that requires low maintenance.The top base covers the roof of the patient’s mouth while the bottom base is fitted around the tongue for easy, comfortable chewing. As opposed to older removable models, modern retained dentures can be surgically implanted and secured. This secured dental implant is much more comfortable and reliable since it can be used exactly the same as normal, healthy teeth.
  3. Denture-Implant Compatibility
    Another modern improvement to denture technologies is the ability to work around existing dental implants. Whereas before any previous implant would necessarily be removed to allow for a new solution, this added prosthetic removal and reinstallation is no longer necessary. Now, individual problems with a jaw may be treated separately, rather than being treated all together with one broad solution. For example, if a patient had a tooth replaced years ago and needs a small implant on one side of their jaw, the dentist will no longer have to replace the older tooth. Thus, painful and unnecessary procedures are minimized along with the resulting recovery process.
  4. Painless Dentistry
    With difficult or time-consuming procedures, it is sometime difficult for people to allow enough time for proper dental care. Fortunately, advances in sedation dentistry mean that a patient can now have teeth removed and dentures implanted in the same appointment, after proper consultation. This quick fix has changed millions of lives overnight with such a convenient and effortless way to create beautiful, healthy smiles.

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