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The phrase “Cosmetic Dentistry” is used so often it has become nearly meaningless. But cosmetics comes into play on nearly everything we do, whether it’s a filling that “disappears” after it’s placed or veneers that don’t announce FAKE TEETH! from across the room.  Our dental office in Fairless Hills uses 3 different composite materials for fillings and 4 different ceramics for crowns to guarantee esthetics and durability. Our cosmetic dentist can help choose what is right for you.

What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is focused on the appearance of teeth and the smile. The most well-known cosmetic dentistry procedure is probably teeth whitening, but our experienced dental team can do much more to improve your smile which can help improve your self-esteem and confidence. Also, if you have been struggling with eating or speaking correctly due to tooth decay or damage to your teeth or gums, our Fairless Hills cosmetic dentist can assist you with the repairs that you may need.

Cosmetic dentistry can include:

cosmetic dentist Fairless HillsTooth Whitening

This is a standard procedure where specially designed chemical gels are applied to the teeth to whiten them. There are both in home and In-Office options, and both work well together. Working with our cosmetic dentist to devise a whitening plan is the best way to manage this.

cosmetic dentist Fairless HillsVeneers

Veneers are very thin layers of porcelain that a dentist bonds to the surface of an individual’s teeth to improve the appearance of the tooth. A tiny bit of healthy tooth enamel is removed so that the veneers are appropriately aligned, which does make veneers permanent and irreversible. The veneer’s surfaces resist wear and tear very well and, and they are much less vulnerable to staining than even one’s natural teeth.

cosmetic dentist Fairless HillsCrowns

Crowns are made of similar material as veneers, but are much thicker and replace the entire external portions of the tooth. These are an excellent option for severely damaged teeth that won’t support bonding or veneers.

cosmetic dentist Fairless HillsImplants

Dental Implants are a two-part system to replace missing teeth, with a titanium post implanted into the jaw and a dental crown which is attached to the post. While expensive, dental implants prevent bone loss and have less side effect than bridges.

Fairless Hills cosmetic dentistPeriodontal Surgery

This is surgery on the gums and supporting bone in the mouth to restore the look of a healthy mouth after periodontal disease.

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