How Diabetes Can Affect Your Oral Health

Diabetes is a disorder that affects the body’s ability to process glucose (i.e., sugar). All food that people consume is converted into sugar for energy. Type 1 diabetes is a disorder that is characterized by a lack of insulin made by the body. Insulin is a hormone that transports glucose from the bloodstream to the cells in order to produce energy. Type 2 diabetes is characterized by the body becoming unable to respond appropriately to insulin production. Both type 1 and type 2 diabetes lead to high glucose levels in the blood, which leads to issues with kidneys, nerves, eyes, heart, and other vital organs. Diabetes can also have a detrimental effect on teeth. A dentist in Langhorne may be able to help diagnostically and provide treatment for any issues diabetes may be causing to oral health.


The symptoms of diabetes wreak havoc on all areas of the body. This includes feeling thirsty and urinating more frequently than usual. Other common symptoms include fatigue, weight loss, and even loss of consciousness. If diabetes symptoms are not treated, the mouth will be affected as well. This includes having decreased levels of saliva, which can cause dry mouth. Saliva is essential to teeth protection, and having less saliva can increase the likelihood of cavities. Visiting a dentist in Langhorne may allow for proper diagnosis of gum and teeth conditions. Gingivitis can also occur, in which gums may be swollen and bleed regularly. Tasting food may become difficult and any wounds or sores in the mouth may take longer to heal. Further, risk of infections occurring inside the mouth may be heightened. Children with diabetes may also experience their teeth erupting earlier than typically developing children.


Individuals with diabetes are also more likely to have periodontal disease. Periodontal disease occurs when bacteria living in the mouth migrate into the gum tissue. Periodontal disease is chronic and causes inflammation, leading to the destruction of gums and tissues. Periodontal disease can also destroy the bones of the jaw. Unfortunately, periodontal disease is the most common for individuals diagnosed with diabetes. The risks that increase periodontal disease include older individuals and poor glucose control. Even worse, periodontal disease may cause blood glucose to rise. In turn, this makes diabetes much harder to regulate and cases a higher risk of infections in the mouth and gums.


It is extremely important to maintain regular visits to the dentist. Treatment of periodontal disease can help improve blood glucose management. If you are living with diabetes and would like more information on how to improve your oral health contact the dentist in Langhorne at Makefield Dental Associates ( Call today!

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