Poor oral hygiene causes many dental problems. It can be as mild as yellow teeth and bad breath to serious medical issues due to which you will have to go to see a Fairless Hills Dentist. One of the outcomes of poor oral hygiene is Gingivitis.

Healthy gums are firm and are pink in color so if you have redness, inflammation, swelling or irritation in your gingiva, (the part of gum around the base of your teeth) then you are suffering from the gum disease Gingivitis. It has other symptoms as well like;

  • Puffiness or swelling in our gums
  • Gums will turn dusky red or dark red instead of pink color
  • When you brush or floss your teeth your gum start bleeding
  • You have a bad breath
  • You have tender or receding gums

If you any of the above mentioned symptoms, you should immediately have an appointment with your dentist because Gingivitis is a mild periodontal disease which can get into a chronic disease like Periodontitis or you may lose your teeth.

For the diagnosis of Gingivitis your Fairless Hills Dentist will:

  • Review your medical history to determine the cause of your condition.
  • Examine your mouth, teeth, gums and tongue to look for inflammation such as redness, swelling or plaque.
  • Use a dental probe to measure the gum pockets which are the grooves between your teeth and gums. This is done at several points in your mouth. Pockets in a healthy mouth are usually 1 to 3 millimetres deep. 4mm or more than that indicates gum diseases.
  • Prescribe dental X-rays in order to determine the bone loss in areas where there are deeper pockets.
  • Recommend for other tests if the cause of Gingivitis is not clear. These tests are done to evaluate your overall medical condition to be sure of the cause of Gingivitis and any other underlying medical issue.

After the diagnosis, the Fairless Hills Dentist will treat Gingivitis. The first step is dental cleaning, then restoration and in the end comes ongoing care and precautions.

Gingivitis; a Common Health Problem That Should Not Be Ignored

1.        Cleaning

Your dentist will do a thorough cleaning of your teeth and gums. He/ she will remove traces of tartar, plaque or any bacterial products by scaling and root planning. Scaling cleans the tooth surfaces and beneath your gums to remove tartar and bacteria while, bacterial products that are produced by inflammation are removed by root planning. It also smoothes the root surfaces to deter tartar and bacteria build-up which allows healing. This dental procedure can also be performed by using instruments, laser or ultrasonic device.

2.        Restoration

Your dentist may also perform restoration procedures if required, as they also contribute to worsening Gingivitis. This process includes fixing misaligned teeth, crowns, bridges or other dental issues.

3.        Precautions and Care

Gingivitis clears up after a professional cleaning but it can reoccur or it can get worse if you do not follow your oral hygiene routine diligently. You have to take care of your oral health on your own at home and you also need to go to regular appointments to your Fairless Hills Dentist to ensure your oral health.

If you are suffering from Gingivitis or you want  your teeth and gums to be as healthy as possible, oral hygiene is a must. It includes brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing, using mouth wash. Also avoid chewing tobacco or smoking if you want to keep your teeth, gums and tongue healthy for the rest of your life.

Gingivitis; a Common Health Problem That Should Not Be Ignored

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