Cavity Causes and Prevention

Many cavities are avoidable. Learning what causes cavities to avoid them is the first step in the prevention of oral health issues. Simply put, cavities result from tooth decay which has multiple stages.

Stages of Tooth Decay

The first stage of tooth decay is when plaque builds up on the teeth. Strains of naturally occurring bacteria in your mouth thrive when you consume sugar. Sugars must be cleaned off your teeth or the bacteria feeds and begins to produce acid.

Once the acid wears away the enamel of the tooth, tiny openings in your tooth’s shield, enamel, is the beginning of cavity formation.

The second stage of tooth decay starts to attack the next layer of the tooth which is made of a softer substance called dentin.

Finally, bacteria and plaque continue destroying the tooth toward the inner tooth material, pulp. Once the pulp becomes irritated the bone supporting the tooth may be at risk. When it reaches this stage you will experience discomfort. The bacteria could then enter your body through the tooth decay area causing further illnesses.

Cavity Prevention

A small amount of prevention each day will reward you for years to come. Being consistent in oral care will help you prevent cavity formation. Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss at least once a day.

Also, be sure to use a soft-bristled brush designed for deep cleaning. If you can’t brush after a meal, use a quick rinse of water to combat any leftovers from sticking around in your teeth before you are able to give them a proper brushing.

Flossing helps prevent build up by removing the stubborn food particles from between the teeth that your brush may miss.

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Cavity Causes and Prevention

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